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Affirmative Action Essays (293 words) - Discrimination,

Affirmative Action Matchmaker.com: Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! Affirmative Action Affirmative action is an extremely ineffective plan to equalize minorities and majorities in the work force. This equality is supposed to be attained by requiring employers to fill racial quotas. A racial quota is a percent of employees that belong to a minority group that the employer must achieve. If the employer doesn't meet the quota, he/she is penalized. One setback of this idea is the fact that people, who belong to a minority, don't have to work as hard to attain the same job as other people. This causes them to not try as hard in their job, be less productive, and be more expensive to their employers. Another setback is when more qualified majority employees apply for a job, but have to be turned down. This can be caused if an employer has only one position open in his/her business. If two people apply for the same job, but one is an experienced person who happens to belong to a majority and the other is a very poor worker who belongs to a minority, the experienced worker in not guaranteed the job. This is especially true if the employer is close to not filling his/her quota. Finally, one of the biggest problems is the fact that the employer is forced to compromise his/her workforce in order to fill a quota. He/she would have the opportunity to pick and choose the best employees to fill the job. However, the employer might be faced with the fact that a few people who belong to a minority who are not good workers could force the employer to hire them if they meet the very minimum specifications. I think whoever thought up this idea should re-think it. It may be helpful in some cases, but overall, it is a hindrance.

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Torture essays

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Advance Software Engineering Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Advance Software Engineering - Term Paper Example We need to incorporate the awareness regarding the state of the art in project management, risk assessment models and management, of the software development process. Here we will also spotlight the duties and responsibilities of a professional Software Engineer. This whole analysis of the situation will provide a better insight into to determining appropriate criteria against which to select development strategies for specific circumstances. As introducing the company (OF-FACsystems Ltd) we find out that this company established in 2002 as a small specialist software house. Initially the company has stared the software development through the â€Å"off-the-shelf† system development methodology. In the starting days of the business of the OF-FACsystems Ltd has not adopted some better project management and development methodologies, but they were successful in the overall customer satisfaction and client convenience. As time passed the company size evolved and now company has a more bigger and better working setup regarding the development and implementation of the software products. For taking a better competitive edge and capturing the overall local software development market we need to implement better systems development methodologies and procedures for the enhanced software working and quality. This report is aimed to provide a better and deep insight into the overall better methodologies implementation and incorporation in the organization working system development areas. This section will provide a better overview of the main quality assurance and implementation criteria for the enhanced awareness of quality assurance and QMS. These implementations of the quality assurance parameters in the organization system development areas will ensure the better working style and effective management of the software development projects. Here we need to develop a critical awareness in system developer

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Develop a two-page response paper that addresses the following Movie Review

Develop a two-page response paper that addresses the following questions (find in order instructions) about the Klute (1971) by Alan J. Pakula - Movie Review Example The advantages of her staying focus on the idea that by doing so she will be able to prove herself and the entire society that she is a self dependent woman who was able to fight successfully for her place under the sun and live a life in the manner that she wants to. However, one of the greatest disadvantages about staying is that the woman in question found herself in the center of rather dangerous events and if she follows this path, her life might be in great risk. Thus, up to a certain extent she is presented with a choice between life and death. When the main character considers leaving, she also sees several advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, if she quits she will be under the protection of the police and will no longer be afraid for her life. Keeping in mind that two of her â€Å"colleagues† died, the odds that she will be the next are rather high. On the other hand, there are other some disadvantages of leaving. Thus, if Daniels returns to the conventional life, she might feel that she failed as an independent woman since she was not able to live life on her own. It is my strong belief that the conflict that the main character experiences is resolved as her new life offers an unexpected aspect that she did not take into account: she develops a romantic relationship with the detective Klute who provokes extremely strong feelings that she is partially afraid of. 2. It would not be a mistake to point out that the movie in question challenges the description of gender in the movies as it was put by Laura Mulveys. There are several points that should be noted. First of all, this feminist argues that the potential viewer of the film would be a white male and the main character is depicted in a typical way that white men would find quite attractive (Humm, 1997). In addition to that, Mulveys argues that a strong women’s agency is partially advocated in the cinema of the end of the century and indeed one of the central

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Observation and Evaluation of a Teachers Lesson

Observation and Evaluation of a Teachers Lesson Describe the group characteristics (number and types of students, grade level, course description, etc.) of the observed classroom. There are 25 elementary school students in the classroom. The teacher is teaching multicultural students in an English Language Learners program. As the teacher explains how to distribute class material her instructions were made in English and Spanish. This indicates that some of her students are from Hispanic origin. Describe the tone of the observed teachers interactions with students. The teachers tone is firm and clear. The firmness of the teachers voice establishes the role she takes as the leader of the class. The clear tone allows the students to understand instructions given by their teacher. The firm and clear tone establishes the way the teacher interacts with students based on a teacher centered instruction. The teacher provides the students with information and the students are the receiver of that information. 2. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning Explain how the observed teacher builds the confidence of students with diverse backgrounds. The English Language Learners teacher assisted one of her student as she explained how to distribute class material for their next activity. She assisted the students by communicating effectively in Spanish to guide the student to properly distribute class material. This method helps students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to build their confidence by encouraging them participate during an activity. When a student has a clear understanding of the instructions they are able to complete the task successful. This helps students to interact with their class environment in a positive way as they start building their self confidence. Describe the level of student engagement with the observed lesson. The students in the video are highly engaged. For example, the students are seating at their chairs and seating up straight as they listen actively to their teacher instructions. The students use eye contact to let their teacher know they are paying attention as she explains how to distribute materials. By staying quiet and facing forward is another indication they are engaged with the teachers instruction during their lesson. 3. Connections to Other Effective Teaching Practices Connect one pedagogical strategy observed in the lesson to building the confidence of students with diverse backgrounds. In the video the students are organized in small group discussions called cooperative learning. Cooperative Learning is a systematic pedagogical strategy that encourages small groups of students to work together for the achievement of a common goal (George Mason University, n.d., para.10). Students from diverse backgrounds are often hesitant to share ideas with the entire classroom due to the lack of confidence. Small group discussion allows the opportunity for students to contribute ideas and develop a bond among their group members. In the video the students in the cooperative groups were laughing as they interacted with one another. Children from diverse backgrounds learn to work as a team, develop social skills and start building their confidence through cooperative learning. 4. Evaluation Assess the effectiveness of the strategies the observed teacher used to build the confidence of students with diverse backgrounds. The first strategy viewed in the video was the way the teacher interacted with her diverse students through her tone. The teacher centered method was used through the teachers tone of voice as she established her role as the leader. The purpose of this role is to effectively build a respectful relationship between teacher and student. As this relationship develops, students from diverse backgrounds will begin to build a bond of trust with their teacher. This bond influences a positive impact in a students self esteem, confidence, and it motivates them to participate in class activities. The second strategy viewed in the video was the teachers explanation on the importance of understanding and learning from her diverse students bring into the classroom. For example Teach me how it is that you say it because I want to make the connection between what you know and what we know. We want to make sure that you feel good about who you are. When a teacher demonstrates respect and wiliness to learn from their diverse students, it helps students to appreciate themselves more. Through that appreciation students will feel valued and respected which will contribute to their confidence. The final strategy is cooperative learning. Cooperative learning allows students to interact with other students in a smaller group rather than sharing it with the entire class. Students from diverse backgrounds can build their confidence through team work, sharing ideas, and creating bonds as they work in groups. This foundation of confidence can lead to participating and sharing ideas in a class discussion. Explain the thinking process you went through to complete this evaluation. A teachers relationship with their students, a teachers method of teaching and cooperative learning method was the strategies I focused on to complete this evaluation. The first thing I focused on was the teacher and student relationship. Seen in the video the interaction between teacher and students was established through the teachers role as a leader and the way she included her students during the distribution of material by speaking in English and Spanish. The relationship a teacher has with their students is very important. It leads to respect, trust, and it encourages students to seek further education. The second things I focused on was the teachers explanation why she taught the way she did. For example, We dont want you to lose what you are and who you are. When a teacher shows respect and willing to learn from their students it leads to building a positive relationship in the classroom. The last thing was exploring the importance of cooperative learning. I realized this me thod is great opportunity for students to develop a positive interaction with peers and a healthy impact on their confidence. All of these strategies contribute to a students confidence, motivates students to succeed and genuinely build a bond among peers.

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An Evil Cradling †Into the dark †use of language Essay

Throughout the chapter ‘Into The Dark’, Keenan goes through some distinct phases of mental states, each caused by a previous one and ultimately by his imprisonment. He uses a various range of strong descriptions to portray his condition, ideas, thoughts and impressions. The unusual syntax used throughout the chapter conveys the states of mind which he goes though, guiding the reader into the prisoner’s world. Keenan uses various techniques to convey the feeling of human degradation that he went through during the first period of his captivity. One of these is the enumeration of adjectives or nouns which communicate the misery to which he was reduced to. Such examples include the ‘old, ragged, filthy cover’ which suggest the grimy circumstances in which he had to live in. The ‘excrement, sweat, the perspiration’ emphasise this obloquy through which he goes. ‘Sweat’ and ‘perspiration’ imply oppressive heat, a sensation of lack of air. The ‘excrement’ implies that in this already oppressive space, Keenan is ‘reduced to sleeping in the smell’ of his ‘own filth’. This feeling is further emphasised by the quotation ‘†¦ squat down over it. Defecate on it. I defecate (†¦ ) and then I carefully wrap my excrement†¦ ‘ These short, blunt sentences imply that Keenan wants to describe his condition as close to reality as possible, therefore not sparing the reader from any brusque or less polite words, because he was not spared from any unpleasantness either. The enumerations suggest the plentiful reasons of his never ending human degradation and exposure to filth. Keenan described himself as ‘a bag of flesh and scrape, a heap of offal tossed unwanted in the corner of this filthy room. ‘ This portrayal of himself, of ‘flesh’ and ‘heap of offal’ is dehumanizing as it reduces him to something repulsive and purely physical, thus overlooking the details that makes him human, such as feelings, mind and judgement. He is ‘tossed in the corner’, therefore not valuable for anyone. The fact that he is thrown in a ‘filthy’ corner further emphasise his lack of value and significance. All these show how Keenan’s self esteem and dignity was crushed, and he as a person was reduced to nothing more than a worthless and abhorrent body. This conveys the extreme human degradation though which he goes. Keenan’s lack of stimuli and life are described throughout the chapter, which gives the reader and idea of the feeling of endless emptiness though which the hostages go. Referring to his urine and drinking water going ‘From bottle to bottle, through me, this fluid will daily run’, Keenan uses these endless cycles of life to symbolise the monotonous days of his captivity. The phase ‘from bottle to bottle’ and ‘though me’ suggest a continuous flow, while the word ‘daily’ informs us of the length of one standard cycle. Keenan seems to live the same tedious days over and over again, making him feel lifeless and purposeless. The syntax of his writing implies dullness, repetition and lack of life as well. The phase ‘No sound, no noise, nothing. Yet I try to force this scream. Why can I not scream? But no noise comes from me. Not even a faint echo of cry. I am full with nothing. ‘ is a very good example for this point. His sentences are very short, implying the lack of thing and stimuli to talk about. ‘Why can I not scream? ‘ is almost a rhetoric question as he has no one to get an answer from. This highlights the lack of stuff to think about. And there are some sentences which are just an enumeration of words, like ‘No sound, no noise, nothing. ‘ The repetition of ‘no’ and ‘nothing’ throughout this chapter father emphasise the lack of stimuli, as there are no objects, persons or phenomena to ponder about. In the end the narrator expresses his despair by confessing that he is ‘full with nothing’, implying his frantic need of ‘something’ that he can ‘think about’, that can occupy his brain. Due to this prolonged lack of stimuli, Keenan becomes temporarily mentally unbalanced, with his senses going out of control.

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Innovation Report

INNOVATION REPORT ON DABUR CHYAWANPRASH GROUP MEMBERS LAVANIA SAJEED KHAN MUGWANEZA ELYSEE CONTENTS OExecutive summary OIntroduction OInnovation:  §Innovation model  §Dabur as an innovative product  §Market pull OProduct features OConclusion OReference EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Dabur India Limited is the primary market influential in FMCG products. Many initiatives were taken by the company which includes reduction in price, reducing the impact on environment, introduction of a new product and improvement of quality which is making them a leader in the market. Dabur has positioned its products in the ‘natural health’ category. To meet the fitness and individual grooming wishes of their customers with secure, effective and ordinary solutions, Dabur India Ltd has synthesized a profound information of Ayurveda and herbs with modern science. Dabur India Limited is the 4th largest FMCG Company in India with revenues of Rs. 4110 crores and is ranked among the top 50 OTC(Over-the-Counter) Companies in the world. We see the diversification and expansion in their product segments under various brand names. It is trusted worldwide and is the world’s foremost Natural Health Care and Ayurvedic Company. Dabur has been in the front position by establishing an alternate way of living by going beyond national boundaries and hence they are marketing their products in many countries outside India. Combining luxury, nutrition and wellness, the â€Å"nutraceutical market† is growing at a faster pace. Chyawanprash is made by using various herbs and is one of the products of Dabur India Ltd which is in great demand in the market. Herbal supplements were gaining popularity as preventive supplements. Thus, the concept of preventive care coupled with the rising use of herbals was a major reason for the relatively rapid growth of herbal medicines over allopathic drugs. Another major segment where herbal products outperformed allopathic drugs was in the segment of ‘lifestyle disorders’. The increase in lifestyle disorders like diabetes,joint pain,stress caused individuals to consider herbal medicines, as these diseases were lifetime problems and using herbals in conjunction with allopathic products would reduce the allopathic dosage and thereby reduce the incidence of side effects. A shift from prescribed medication to self-medication was a significant shift. As prescription products proved to be expensive, consumers started buying OTC products. Shlomo Maital, D. V. R. Seshadri,2007 Many products including Dabur Chyawanprash started appearing in OTC form,hence these products benefitted. Hence the product’s innovation is in using herbal supplements and dominating the market segment over other allopathic medicines. It has identified its market segments by implementing the market pull strategy and thereby produces the products according to the changing needs and preferences of the consumers. Example: Chyawanprash which is for adults and Chyawanprash Junior which is for children. Chyawanprash Junior has various nutrients required for growing children and is present in different flavours to attract that segment of the society. It typically uses product innovation where the company comes up with innovative value added features like being sugar free to its existing product category to increase the demand and therefore to occupy the Number 1 position in the market. INTRODUCTION: Driven by a vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form, Dr. Burman founded the Dabur India Limited in 1884 by targeting to a large number of people who didn’t have access to proper cure; hence he came up with the idea of Ayurvedic medicines to treat people in a natural way. His rigorous hardwork made the company grow from a small Ayurvedic pharmacy, to a well-established company which is a global leader in the market. Dabur India Ltd has effectively changed its position from being a small business to an efficiently managed venture. Their continuous innovation is the secret to their success and Dabur India Ltd retains the focus on quality and has an ISO 9002 certification. It has three major strategic business units (SBU’s) which includes Consumer care division, Health care division and International business division. VARIOUS PRODUCT INNOVATIONS OF DABUR: Launched Chyawanprash in tin pack-The ancient curative was in a packaged form and it dominated the market by being the wide seller with a huge market share. Entered Oral Care segment- Introduced a herbal toothpowder which was called Lal Dant Manjan. It was well-packed and was made available to the masses at affordable prices. Launched Hajmola tablet- Used to control indigestion and became popular world wide and thereby came up with Hajmola tablets which are of different flavours.. Became successful by coming up with Real Fruit Juice- Real Fruit Juice was very much successful throughout India and hence accounted for majority of the company’s share. First-ever online shopping portal – First-ever online shopping portal www. daburuveda. com[->0] came into existence. Nutrigo-A new range of health supplements. WHY CHYAWANPRASH? -It is an authentic ayurvedic product,hence they do not make use of any chemicals. -No side effects. -Superior in quality. -Improves immune power and stamina. -Has a huge market share. INNOVATION The practical refinement and development of an original invention into a usable technique or product; or a process in which creativity is applied to every facet of an organization’s value chain, from beginning to end, to develop new and better ways of creating value for customers. Shlomo Maital and D. V. R. Seshadri. Chyawanprash is an example of Product Innovation: The development of new and improved product is called product innovation, so it is definitely a product innovation because it came up with new products which are first of its kind in the market with better product attributes. DABUR AS AN INNOVATIVE PRODUCT By expanding their presence through smart innovations, managing costs efficiently and getting consumer insig hts, the company takes into consideration these opportunities very seriously to stay ahead in the market. Chyawanprash is a very good example of product innovation because the original flavor of the product was the first of its kind and shook the existing market with its innovative idea and superior quality. â€Å"Innovation is becoming increasingly important in attaining and maintaining competitive advantage†. ShlomoMaital,D. V. R. Seshadri After it established a position for itself in the market, they came up with two different flavors like Mango and Orange. Chyawanprash targeted for children were known as ‘Chyawanprash Junior’ with yummy chocolate flavours that children would like and has all the nutrients that a growing child may require apart from the child’s normal diet. Another product which was launched in the market was called Chyawanprash sugar free. As Dabur Ltd came up with new innovations, it was able to cater to the needs of various segments of the society and age group in terms of product attributes, affordable price and variety in flavours. MARKET PULL : It is a strategy where the needs of the consumers are satisfied and one of the main motive of this strategy is to make profits. Since majority of the people these days are prone to various diseases due to unhealthy eating habits, the company adopted various techniques for manufacturing the product. Chyawanprash is sometimes given as a prescribed medicine by Doctors which boosts the energy levels and strengthens the immune system of the body. Hence it uses the market pull approach where it identifies the need in the market and manufactures its products accordingly. Understanding that a majority of the people have become health-conscious, age-old traditional practices are blended with science in making the product, thereby ensuring that there are no side-effects. Research was done and it was found that children are not really health-conscious and hence their main target segment was people above 30years of age. The R&D found out that small kids did not eat Chyawanprash until and unless they were given by force by their parents, hence they came up with fruit-flavoured Chyawanprash exclusively for children which were first of its kind in the market. INNOVATION MODEL ADOPTED BY DABUR CHYAWANPRASH: SIMULTANEOUS COUPLING MODEL Continuous innovation can be attributed to the company’s success. After Chyawanprash became the leader in the market, the company’s continuous R&D activities have helped in identifying the changing preferences and tastes of the consumers based on the demographic details of the consumer. Research was done and it was found that people belonging to the age group 13-30 were not really health-conscious and hence they strategically divided their target segments into two groups and manufactured products to suit the needs of both these segments. 1. Dabur Chyawanprash Junior for children was made of various yummy flavors like Chocolate,Orange and Mango. 2. Dabur Chyawanprash for people above 30. It is very good for health as it contains anti-oxidants and hence it is a health supplement for people belonging to various age groups. GROWTH OF THE COMPANY IN OTHER COUNTRIES: Because of the brand loyalty that has been built over a long period of time, the company has crossed the Indian boundaries and has established a foot-hold in places outside India. Dabur’s overseas product portfolio is specially made to suit the needs and aspirations of the consumers in the international markets spreading through the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Europe and South Asia. Dabur has a number of manufacturing facilities in International business as well. The company has its manufacturing facilities spread across the Asia & Africa with 8 being in India and 5 outside India. The company has a world-wide recognition. Dabur is on the verge of becoming a global market leader. PRODUCT FEATURES:  ·Made by using the age old approach of Ayurveda.  ·Healthy and prescribed by Doctors.  ·Available in different flavours.  ·Protects from day to day ailments like cough and cold to ‘lifestyle disorders’. It is very good for health and hence recommended to all age groups because it contains anti-oxidants which helps to fight against diseases. CONCLUSION: There is considerable increase in the sales of the company which means there is greater demand for the products in the market. Dabur has come up with various innovative products under various brand names for different product categories like food products, Health care products etc. Dabur Chyawanprash contributes for the company’s majority of the market share. Dabur with its various product features is in the fore-front and is able to keep customers loyal to their brand. Its vision of being in the forefront in the healthcare sector by providing remedies and care from ‘head to heel’ is now becoming a reality. Since the costs are affordable, people belonging to the lower strata of the society have started consuming Chyawanprash because of its added advantage. REFERENCES: http://www. dabur. com/About%20Dabur www. thehindubusinessline. in[->1] http://www. dabur. com/en/Investors1/Annual_reports/2010-11/Dabur-Annual-Report-2010-11. pdf http://www. dabur. com/Chyawan%20Junior [->0] – http://www. daburuveda. com [->1] – http://www. thehindubusinessline. in